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Stunt of a lifetime

When Dmitry reached out and asked if we could come up with a stunt that would make people's jaw drop for 'The strongest phone charging cable in the world' , I was immediately interested.

We discussed a few ideas and locations, then agreed that the breathtaking backdrop of Albuquerque, New Mexico was perfect.

We discussed the logistical challenges of our master plan which was to climb down a rope ladder at approximately 5000 feet underneath a hot air ballon, then shift my weight to a 20 foot long , actual fully functioning phone charging cable.

To make it even more visually spectacular, I wore a lightweight harness underneath my pants and modified my top to make a 'hidden rig' setup which would hide from view my shoulder straps and chest strap, meaning I would have to use a BASE jumping rig as a skydiving rigs emergency handles would be covered by my clothing.

We Ascended in the balloon, at 5'500 feet I lowered the rope ladder and began to climb down .....

It's definately up there as one of the coolest things I've done, watch the full vid below.

A great time was had by all

And then we ended the morning with 'Chicken Fried Steak'


Special Thanks to Dmitry & Arthur for an awesome day.

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